On this page you will find various things that I’ve created that may be useful for your own projects. Minor items are kept here, and code relating to papers I’ve published can be found on my github.

Bibliography style files (.bst)



A long time ago I used to use Prosper to give talks, and I created my own style-files with a dynamical-systems theme. Maybe someone will find it useful, but I recommend using Beamer (below) instead.


Beamer is a LaTeX class that allows you to create a presentation with slides that are fixed pdfs. Here is an unofficial CSIRO style file I created:

Gnuplot examples

I don’t use Gnuplot anymore, but maybe some of you are old-school and will find this useful.

3D bar chart

One thing that Gnuplot doesn’t do easily is created 3D bar charts. It is possible, just not straightforward. Code for the example figure can be downloaded here:

  • Files to generate a 3D bar chart (.tar.gz). There is an Octave .m file which contains the data and a script. The script creates a .dat file for Gnuplot. A .gnu file calls the .dat file to generate the plot shown. The steps are laid out in the readme.txt file.

3D multiplot

It is possible to make a Gnuplot drawing with several figures using multiplot. Instructions and ideas can be found on the Gnuplot not-so-FAQ.

To create the figure adjacent, download the data files below and run the .gnu file in Gnuplot: