Papers in progress

Kristensen, N.P., et al. The problems of the Principle of Indifference as it relates to Qualitative Modelling and an alternative approach using Boolean analysis, In preparation

Kristensen, N.P., et al. Carryover effects on competitive ability induced by natal habitat type lead to trait divergence or source-sink dynamics, In preparation

Kristensen, N.P., Johansson, J., Jonzen, N., Smith, H.G. Natal habitat driven prior residence differences can lead to phenological shift, dispersal asymmetry, and reproductive isolation, In preparation, (Github)

Papers published

Strickland, C., Kristensen, N.P., Miller, L. (2017) Inferring stratified parasitoid dispersal mechanisms and parameters from coarse data using mathematical and Bayesian methods, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 14(130): 20170005, (pdf), (Github)

Cook, D.C., Kristensen, N.P., Liu, S. (2016) Coordinated service provision in payment for ecosystem service schemes through adaptive governance, Ecosystem Services 19: 103-108.

Harts, A.M.F, Kristensen, N.P., Kokko, H. (2016) Predation selects for later and more synchronous arrival times in migrating species, Oikos 125(10): 1528-1538, (pdf), (Github)

Kristensen, N.P., Johansson, J., Ripa, J., Jonzen, N. (2015) Phenology of two interdependent traits in migratory birds in response to climate change, Proceedings of the Royal Society B 282 DOI:10.1098/rspb.2015.0288, (pdf), (Github)

Johansson, J., Kristensen, N.P., Nilsson, J., and Jonzen, N. (2015) The eco-evolutionary consequences of interspecific phenological asynchrony: a theoretical perspective, Oikos 124(1):102-112, (pdf)

Schmidt, K.A., Johansson, J., Kristensen, N.P., François, M., and Jonzen, N. (2015) Consequences of information use in breeding habitat selection on the evolution of settlement time, Oikos 124(1):69-80, (read more), (Github)

Cook, D.C., Kristensen, N.P., Liu, S., Paini, D.R., Kerr, P.J., Sheppard, A.W., Lonsdale, W.M., Taylor, A.S., and De Barro, P.J. (2014) Plant biosecurity policy-making modelled on the human immune system: What would it look like?, Environmental Science and Policy 41: 1–10, (pdf)

Kristensen, N.P., Schellhorn, N.A., Hulthen, A.D., Howie, L.J. and De Barro, P.J. (2013) Wind-borne dispersal of a parasitoid: the process, the model, and its validation, Environmental Entomology 42(6):1137-1148, (pdf), (Code tarball)

Kristensen, N.P., Schellhorn, N.A., and De Barro, P.J. (2013) The initial dispersal and spread of an intentional invader at three spatial scales, PLoS One 8(5): e62407, (pdf)

Brannstrom, A., Johansson, J., Loeuille, N., Kristensen, N., Troost, T., Hille Ris Lambers, R., and Dieckmann, U. (2012) Modelling the ecology and evolution of communities: a review of past achievements, current efforts, and future promises, Evolutionary Ecology Research 14: 601–625, (pdf)

Parenting leave

Kristensen, N.P. (2008) Permanence does not predict the commonly measured food web structural attributes, The American Naturalist 171(2): 202–213, (pdf)

Kristensen, N.P., Gabric, A., Braddock, R.D., Cropp, R. (2003) Is maximizing resilience compatible with established ecological goal functions, Ecological Modelling 169: 61–71, (pdf)

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Goal functions and ecosystem constraints: Thermodynamic goal functions, local stability, maximal resilience, and permanence