About me

Toivo and me at the park in Libeň, Prague.

I am a research scientist specialising in ecological modelling, currently at National University of Singapore. I am interested in ecoevolutionary models, food web models, evolution of cooperation, and dispersal modelling.

I am just wrapping up a project extending a nonparametric methods for estimating undetected extinctions, building upon previous work by Ryan Chisholm. I am also working on theoretical models for evolution of partnership / cooperation with Hanna Kokko at University of Zurich.

Previously, I was at University of Queensland, Australia, working on the Qualitative Modelling framework in the context of pest control. Before that I was in Lund, Sweden, using adaptive dynamics to model the phenological response of migratory birds to climate change. And before that I did a post-doc at CSIRO Entomology in Canberra, and did my PhD with Hugh Possingham at the University of Queensland. Both of these focused on complex systems, mathematical ecology and modelling.

I have a son, Toivo, who was born in the Czech Republic while my partner did his first post-doc there. While on an extended parenting leave I volunteered at the local rodinné centrum (family centre), I started my own Fair Trade business, volunteered to organise and run two children’s playgroups including one that served the large refugee community in Annerley/Moorooka (Junction Park Playgroup, Monday Melodies Playgroup), volunteered to organise Fair Trade events including the annual Fair Trade Christmas Market for the Qld Fair Trade Collective, and volunteered for the Stones Corner Community Kindergarten committee.

In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with my kid, reading genre fiction and pop-science, and listening to death metal.