Estimating undiscovered extinctions

Have you ever wondered how many species were lost before we had the chance to discover them? In a paper now out in Conservation Biology, we estimated just that, for plant species in Singapore. This paper follows from the Chisholm Lab’s related work on Singapore birds and butterflies. All over the world, many species remain undiscovered while both known and unknown species continue to go … Continue reading Estimating undiscovered extinctions

Boolean qualitative modelling on Christmas Island

Conservation managers often want us to predict how species will respond to different management options when we don’t have enough data to parameterise a dynamical model. Previously, we found that a popular Qualitative Modelling technique involving probabilistic analysis has philosophical problems and produces contradictory results. We proposed a new method, based on Boolean analysis, that remedied these problems (Kristensen et al. 2019 Meth Ecol Evol). … Continue reading Boolean qualitative modelling on Christmas Island